iPhone 5 Preorders Start September 12th, Ship September 21st

iPhone 5 Preorders Start September 12th, Ship September 21st


It’s pretty much for certain that Tim Cook and Apple will be revealing the newest generation iPhone within the next couple of months, but we’ve had a hard time nailing them down to specific dates. Now, we’re hearing that Apple will make the formal reveal of the next iPhone on September 12th and that the first batch will become available on September 21st.

This is completely in line with current rumors that point toward a September launch and it’s not uncommon for Apple to release a product within a couple of weeks of officially unveiling it to the world. What we’re hearing is that pre-orders on the so-called iPhone 5 (even if it’s technically the sixth-generation iPhone) will start on reveal day, September 12. Among the countries that are expected to be in the first wave of shipments are Canada, the United States, Japan and Germany, though none of that has been technically confirmed jsut yet.

In case you’ve been living under a rock, a lot of specs and features for the new iPhone have already been leaked. We’re expecting to see a display in the 4-inch range with a 640×1136 pixel resolution, a smaller 9-pin dock connector, a centered FaceTime camera, 4G LTE support, a thinner profile, and a two-toned unibody design. There’s probably a quad core Apple A6 processor in there too, possibly based on the Samsung Exynos chipset.

Of course, these are all just rumored specs for the time being and Tim Cook might have a few surprise tricks up his iSleeve.