Now Your Cat can Groove to the Music with $999 Cat-Headphones… yes,...

Now Your Cat can Groove to the Music with $999 Cat-Headphones… yes, really


Do you love music and have an unhealthy obsession with your pet cat? The new Professor Meowington pHd Cat Headphones might be exactly what you are looking for, coming in at $1,000. That’s right, headphones made for cats. The headphones are designed by digital artist Joshua Davis and are the brainchild of Deadmau5.

If you now have your heart set on spending a small fortune on cat headphones, you’ll be disappointed to know that only ten were made and all ten have already been claimed. Why make these things? Sol Republic wasn’t trying to start the cat music revolution by any means, instead it was more likely that this was a marketing gimmick that they hoped would draw attention to their young company- a move that probably will prove to work in the long run.

The most impressive thing about the headsets is that the company took the time to design these small headsets with all the same, fully-working technology that you’ll find in the ‘human’ version. This means your cat has access to detachable I4 sound engines, a three-button remote, and a ClearTalk microphone. The microphone is especially important, because we all know that cats can talk, right?

In addition to the headphones themselves, the company also created a parody infomercial in order to help draw attention to their headphones and their company in general. Not that surprising, the video has gone viral and has resulted in 87 additional purchase requests, further proof that some people will buy anything they see in infomercials. Joking aside, this is pretty silly, but it’s a unique marketing gimmick that will likely help thrust the company into the spotlight and sell more of their real target item, human headphones.