Photos of the New iPhone’s Battery Now Hit the Web

Photos of the New iPhone’s Battery Now Hit the Web


The next iPhone is likely on its way in the next few months, and that means now is the time for all sorts of juicy leaks and rumors. Some of what surfaces will prove to be fake or older prototypes, but a small portion is likely going to surface as the real deal. According to 9to5Mac, a reliable source has sent them images of the new iPhone’s battery pack, a higher capacity model sporting a capacity of 1440mAh. In comparison, the iPhone 4S came with a 1430 mAh battery. This isn’t much of an upgrade though when you consider that the next iPhone will probably feature battery-draining 4G LTE technology.

The explanation for the minor upgrade could be that this isn’t  the battery intended for the LTE iPhone. It’s also possible that the anticipated dual-core system on a chip for the new iPhone is much more efficient and doesn’t need as big of a battery. It’s hard to say for sure if these are truly iPhone battery packs, but we’ll hopefully know more in September at the expected iPhone launch event.

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