Get $25 Free Airtime Credit on $80 Prepaid Android Smartphone

Get $25 Free Airtime Credit on $80 Prepaid Android Smartphone


Remember how I said the growth in smartphones is being fueled entirely by the rapid adoption of prepaid smartphones? It’s probably because of great deals like this where you are able to get $25 of free airtime credit when you spend $80 on the outright purchase of a brand new Android smartphone.

Over on Amazon, you are able to buy the Pantech Crossover with AT&T for just $79.99, which is $120 off (60% off) the regular price of $199.99. Remember that this is the no-contract price, so the phone is yours free and clear. The phone works with the AT&T GoPhone prepaid service, so you only pay for the minutes that you use. The $25 airtime credit is then added to your account when you activate this phone. The GoPhone SIM kit is included in the box.

The Pantech Crossover isn’t the most powerful smartphone out there, but it looks like it can get the job done. Tehre’s a 600MHz processor, 3MP camera, GPS, 3.1-inch touchscreen, full QWERTY keyboard, 3G support, microSD expansion (2GB included), wireless-N, and the AllSport GPS app.

Check out the product page on for more information about both the smartphone itself and the compatible AT&T GoPhone options that you have. You can pay by the month, by the day or by the minute, but prepaid data is only available with the monthly option. There is no pay-per-use data.