EXOGEAR Introduces Exovolt Plus Stackable Battery for iPhone and iPad

EXOGEAR Introduces Exovolt Plus Stackable Battery for iPhone and iPad


There are all sorts of external battery packs for the iPhone and iPad that provide you with some added juice on the go, but they’re all limited in one particular way: they all have a limited capacity. What if you could have an external battery that could expand and grow with your needs? That’s what you get with the Exovolt Plus from EXOGEAR, billed as the world’s first stackable battery pack.

The main unit will look familiar to most of us. It’s a rounded rectangle with a USB port out the side. There’s a 5200mA lithium-polymer battery inside, complete with four LED battery power status indicator lights, and then you can charge your iDevice of choice as you see fit. The iPhone 4S has a standard 1432mAh battery, so the base unit is enough to charge it more than three times. The Exovolt Plus will also work with most other smartphones and tablets, since it has a 2A max USB port for output.

But what if you want more? That’s where the “sub battery” accessory comes into play. The sub battery essentially stacks underneath the main unit and provides it with an extra 5200mA again. And you can stack several of these sub batteries together for even more power. The main difference is that the sub battery cannot work on its own; it needs to dock with the main battery unit.

No specific release date has been announced. The official page simply states that the Exovolt Plus system is “coming soon,” but we do know the the main unit will retail at $89.95 and the sub unit will sell for $49.95. The main battery package includes a 30-pin charge cable and a microUSB cable, as well as a handy carrying pouch.