Burner App Essentially Turns your iPhone into a Multi-line Disposable Phone

Burner App Essentially Turns your iPhone into a Multi-line Disposable Phone


Looking to do shady backdealings from behind an alley? Or maybe your intentions are more pure, like privacy when giving out your number on sites like Craigslist? Regardless of your intentions, if you’ve always dreamed of the idea of being able to have temporary numbers routed directly to your iPhone, you’re going to love the new “Burner” app. This unique app was created by Ad Hoc Labs and claims it is geared towards dating, Craigslist, short-term projects, side businesses, bands, marketing posts and other endeavors where you don’t want to give out your long-term, main number.

With the Burner app you can create one or several of these temporary numbers. When you call from them, they’ll show up on ID under the Burner number you choose or if they call you with the Burner number it will go to voicemail or direct to your real number- you choice completely. No longer want to use that number? Click the “Burn” button and the number is gone, simple as that.

There has to be a catch, right? Somewhat, the app isn’t free, after all. The App Store lists it as $1.99 and comes with free credits that will allow you to create one short-duration Burner line that will last just for a week and only let you use 20 txt messages or 20 talk time minutes. Need a longer temp number or more minutes? They offer it of course, though at an additional cost. Interesting idea, and sure beats carrying around 3 or 4 prepaid phones.

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