STRUT In-Car Dock System on its way, costs a cool $1,250

STRUT In-Car Dock System on its way, costs a cool $1,250


How much would you be willing to pay for an ultra-sleek, beautiful docking station and case designed for use in an automobile? $100? $500? How about a whopping $1,250? This might seem like a lot of cash to pay, but if you are familiar with STRUT products, the high price tag won’t surprise you at all. This company is all about automotive jewelry and bling, and the new STRUT LaunchPort System is taking that attractive style into the mobile technology market.

With the LaunchPort you get wireless charging through the dock and a protective case. The arc at which the iPad is positioned also makes it usable in a docked position for a variety of possible in-car uses. The system itself is hand-crafted from stainless steel and has a triple coating of chrome, which adds to the price tag obviously. The case itself comes in a few different designs including walnut burl, carbon fiber, leopard print and sparkle pink.

This classy and unique docking station is expected to go on display at the New York International Gift Fair later this month, than sometime a bit later than that will land into the hands of consumers.

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