OUYA Isn’t Without Friends – XBMC and TuneIn both planning OUYA apps

OUYA Isn’t Without Friends – XBMC and TuneIn both planning OUYA apps


There are many electronic devices that people want, nice smartphones, great tablets, but a small, Android based gaming console that is just $99 and is designed with indie gaming in mind? Surely such a project isn’t going to take off at all… wait, your saying it has? Crazy as it is, Ouya has quickly generated millions of dollars in Kickstarter while forming several high-profile agreements with companies like Square Enix to bring games to the little rubix cube console. Now it seems that the highly popular XBMC media player is going to make it ways to Ouya as well, as the XBMC team has pledged that they plan to make sure that their upcoming Android app is fully capable of running through the Ouya. While the XBMC app probably won’t be ready from “Day 1”, it seems likely that there won’t be too much of a wait before it hits.

Beyond XBMC, another media consumption partnership has been formed with TuneIn, which will bring this popular radio streaming service over to the little console that could. I have admitted more than once that I was initially skeptical that such a box could arrive and actually be worth getting excited about, but boy was I ever wrong. What do you think of the open source-natured gaming console and media device? Plan on getting your hands on one?

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