Flexible Batteries Are Finally Here

Flexible Batteries Are Finally Here


The idea of a flexible smartphone sometime in the not-so-distant future certainly is a dream that many of us have heard about on more than one occasion, especially ever since we first got our hands (or eyes, rather) on Samsung demonstrations of flexible screens. The idea that you can bend a phone without any damage occurring is a fascinating concept, even if it seems to be far from seeing itself as a complete concept. Part of the puzzle in getting this type of device up and running is to make sure that all the components are flexible, and that includes the battery.

The Korean Advanced Institute of Science and Technology may have done just, as you can see from the video below. This unique battery was put together by Professor Keon Jae Lee and his team and uses flexible lith-ion technology that can bend and warp without adversely affecting the battery life or quality in any way. Eventually such technologies could come together to create high-tech gizmos like smartphones that can also bend and connect in a way that it would form wearable watch-like device, for example, and then with another snap could turn back into a regular old smartphone. The future has plenty of interesting technologies in store for us that seem like crazy Sci-Fi concepts right now, and unlocking the secrets to technologies like the flexible battery is just half the battle involved in fully realizing and creating such futuristic gadgets.

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