Samsung Wants Your Old Phone and Will Pay to Get it

Samsung Wants Your Old Phone and Will Pay to Get it


Samsung wants your old phone, and is willing to give you cash to give it to them. A new service through Samsung Upgrade will give you select amounts of money for your old device as long as you are willing to commit to upgrading, or have recently purchased, a Samsung Galaxy S3, Galaxy S2 or a Galaxy Note. In order to get the money you simply send in your old device once you’ve bought a new approved one from Samsung. After processing it, Samsung will send you a check in the mail for the quoted price they gave your through their site. Prices for these sales can range for just a few bucks all the way upwards to $210 if upgrading from an iPhone 4S 16GB.

What’s neat about the program is that if you still have proof that you recently upgraded your Samsung phone you are eligible for this program, even though it just officially started. Honestly, I like the idea and think it’s a good one. It encourages users to move from their current phone to a Samsung device, even though many users could probably get the same, if not more cash, by selling it online themselves. For those who don’t want to deal with online auctions or similar methods though, this is an interesting way to make some money back from your old device while upgrading to a new one.

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