Google Wallet Update Pushes Your Cards To The Cloud

Google Wallet Update Pushes Your Cards To The Cloud


Google Wallet has just received a pretty significant update. The biggest news from the update is that you can now take any credit card type and even moves everything onto the cloud for payment transactions. No longer is the data and information stored locally on the hardware. You will still need a card PIN to use the Google Wallet but you can also remotely disable Google Wallet if your phone is lost or stolen, making it easier to protect your card numbers from getting into the wrong hands.

Thanks to its cloud-based system, all you need now is a Google Wallet-compatible device and you can get the app from the Play Store. Google Wallet has always been a good idea, though it has been wrought with some pretty big limitations. Pushing things to the cloud is a good move, though many devices still don’t seem to work quite right with it.

For a full list of supported devices, check the Google Wallet compatibility list.

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