MetaWatch’s Strata: The World’s First iOS6-Compatible SmartWatch

MetaWatch’s Strata: The World’s First iOS6-Compatible SmartWatch


The idea of the “smart watch” is nothing new, but the MetaWatch STRATA certainly seems to take the concept to whole new heights with its new iOS 6-compatible design. This unique sports watch uses Bluetooth 4.0 technology and can connect with your iPhone or Android phone in order to push certain information to your wrist, making life all the more convenient. This smart watch not only can alert you about incoming calls, display text message, emails and social network updates but also has many on-screen widgets at their disposal for weather, appointments, stock prices, and of course the time. Unlike many similar watches, the MetaWatch STRATA can even keep existing widget information for viewing, even when the smartphone it is paired to is out of range. Once your device is back in range, it will update again and resume, but it’s nice to have an offline mode.

Probably the best thing about the STRATA is its open source embedded system that is open to changes and tweaks from developers and hackers alike. This means that the STRATA has even more potential down the road through tweaks and changes. The bad news? At least for the moment this product is a Kickstarter project and not a fully available product, but the company is in line to start its first shipments to Kickstarter backers in September, so you don’t have to wait that long. If the STRATA sounds right up your alley all it takes is a minimum pledge of just $159 to secure your copy with choice colors of blue/black, tangerine/black, green/black and camouflage/black styling. Want something even more unique? You can secure a customized special edition for just $299.

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