Smart Pills Tattle On You If You Forget To Take Them

Smart Pills Tattle On You If You Forget To Take Them


Some of us are great about making sure we take important meds in a timely manner, others of us are awful about it. Imagine if there was a way for a healthcare provider to keep track of who was, and who wasn’t, taking their medications. A new FDA approved method does just that by monitoring your insides and relaying information back to a healthcare provider. This system works through a special pill made by Proteus Digital Health, which uses an ultra-tiny sand-particle-sized silicon chip on a pill. The idea is that the digestive process would signal a patch on the person’s skin and would then relay a message to a mobile phone given to a healthcare provider.

At the moment this method is only approved for use on placebos, making its uses very limited, but soon the company could get approval for a wider range of drugs. Honestly there is something a little unnerving about a pill that monitors you and tattle-tells on you, but I suppose this could be very important for those with serious physical and mental illnesses that absolutely need controlled monitoring. This is an important innovation, even if a little on the strange side, but it won’t truly be of any use until Proteus can manage to get FDA approval on a wider range of drugs. For now, having it as a placebo at least opens the drug up for testing to ensure it truly works like it is supposed to. What do you think of a drug that monitors whether you are taking it or not?

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