Magnum Pleasure Pod is an Emotional Experience you wouldn’t suspect

Magnum Pleasure Pod is an Emotional Experience you wouldn’t suspect


With a name like “Magnum Infinity Pleasure Pod”, you’re bound to get a very odd stares from people who have no clue what you are talking about. This unique pod was located in Westfield Stratford City for two days at the end of July and is described as an immersive food installation. In reality, the MIPP is, at least in part, marketing gimmick designed to help bring attention to Magnum Infinity ice cream bars, though I have to admit the device itself is pretty cool. When you step inside the pod you are treated to free Magnum Infinity ice cream while your physical responses are monitored and then visualized all around you.

The sophisticated bio-sensing equipment registers information about skin tension, facial expression, swallowing and even heartbeat and then takes that info and feeds it intoa generative artwork by digital animator Matt Pearson. The art is then projected onto the pod’s interior as well. So how did they come up with the idea for the pleasure pod? The pod is the accumulation of six months research lead by Bompas & Parr alongside neuroscientists from the Wellcome Trust. While the Pod is no longer up at Westfield Stratford City, it is very possible that it will surface again elsewhere sometime in the near future.

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