FreedomPop Case Turns Your iPod Touch into a 4G Phone

FreedomPop Case Turns Your iPod Touch into a 4G Phone


Imagine if you could have an iPhone with 4G and no monthly required contracts and a low monthly price tag. The new FreedomPop iPod Touch case does just that, adding 4G to your iPod Touch which therefore allows it an always-on connection for browsing the net and even making calls through programs such as Skype. The new case is only $99, but that’s not even the best part, the case includes 500MB of free data each month and rewards you for referring friends by giving you an extra 500MB a month per reference. Sure, 500MB might not be enough to use your iPod Touch exclusively as a phone, but you can add 1GB for just $10, which makes this an affordable way to turn the Touch into a 4G cell phone. The only other cost would be landline call minutes for services like Skype, but even so this could be a pretty affordable way to get your hands on an iPhone-like experience without the need of a true iPhone.

If you don’t find the FreedomPop system to be up to snuff, they give you 90 days to return it for your money back and will even allow you to fully cancel the free data plan at any time, if you so desire. Not interested in adding 4G to your iPod Touch, but want to get your hands on 4G for your iPhone? There is a case for that as well, with the same free basic data plan included. This 4G accessory even includes a wifi hotspot option that allows up to eight other devices to connect, though with a 500MB cap, you might have to be careful on who you allow to share with you and what you do with the hotspot.

What’s the catch? For the moment, 4G technology is fairly limited in the US, so you will need to make sure that you are in a FreedomPop supported area by filling out a form from their site. Unsurprisingly, the FreedomPop service only works in the US as well. Honestly, this is a pretty cool idea and I’m excited to see just how well this works out. Even if 500MB isn’t a lot, adding 1GB for $10 is pretty darn cheap. As 4G spreads throughout the USA, will FreedomPop be able to keep up with possible demand at these low prices? We’ll have to wait and see.

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