The New iPhone’s Smaller Dock Connector May Only Have Eight-Pins

The New iPhone’s Smaller Dock Connector May Only Have Eight-Pins


With so many reports backing up the idea of a smaller iDevice Connector, it pretty much seems like a done deal- but how small is this port exactly? The original reports suggested it was likely around 19-pins (instead of the current 30-pin layout), but this is in contrast to new reports that claim Apple is going even smaller with a sleek, 8-pin design. The 8-pin design rumor is supported by two separate anonymous reports which indicate the new cord will have just a single row of eight pins.

Such a small size doesn’t seem unreasonable, though many users are still up in arms about the idea of having all their precious iAccessories made extinct by the change. Luckily, not all accessories will be left out in the dark, as unofficial confirmation suggests a new adapter will allow most accessories to continue working with the smaller connector. Like the Mac’s MagSafe connector, one of the benefits beyond being tiny will be the ability to plug the cord in on either side without an issue, so it will easy plug in without the fiddling.

Now the question remains, are we looking at a 19-pin or 8-pin mini-connector? Hopefully the question will be answered at the rumored iPhone 5 reveal event on September 12th. What do you think about a new, smaller iDevice connector?

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