Take Your Tunes Into The Tub With iShower

Take Your Tunes Into The Tub With iShower


When it comes to showering, singing and listening to music seem to be as much part of the experience as getting clean for many of us. The problem is finding a good way to listen to those tunes without having to worry about damaging your devices or getting shocked. Sure, you could simply put that boombox outside the shower door, but it always seems like the music is dampened by the noise of the shower in between the curtain or shower door. That’s exactly where the iShower comes into play, a unique Bluetooth speaker system that is designed to pair with up to five devices. Despite the “I” in its name, this shower accessory should play nice with any tablet, smartphone or media player that has bluetooth capabilities.

According to the iShower’s packaging, it doesn’t require tools for mounting and uses a simple built-in adhesive. The music runs on three AA batteries and can allow up to 15 hours of listening, you even get a handy clock if you need to keep track of how much time you spend in the shower. While the iShower might not be anything particularly revolutionary, it is a handy way to listen to your tunes in the shower without all the hassle. Is that worth $100? I suppose that’s up to you.

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