Fully Assembled iPhone 5 Casing Allegedly Unveiled

Fully Assembled iPhone 5 Casing Allegedly Unveiled


With the iPhone 5 expected for launch sometime in the next few months, it seems that we have new rumors and leaks to cover on a near-daily basis. The most recent leak is from iLab Factory, which claims to have a fully-assembled iPhone 5 casing in their possession. The photos and video give us a clear image of the many components and changes we’ve heard about in a variety of different rumors of late such as a larger screen, new dock connector, and the like.

Honestly though, this thing looks far from a final product and more than likely is either a quality fake or an earlier prototype that fell into iLab Factory’s lap. While relatively attractive in design, I can’t help but feel like the back of the phone in particular doesn’t look to have the polish or flair we’ve come to expect from an Apple product. What do you think of this case design, any chance it’s the final case design or not?

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