Motorola Smartphones Banned In Germany

Motorola Smartphones Banned In Germany


The new trend that seems to be sweeping the corporate world is to sue one another back and forth over any and every minor little patent infringement. While this might be nothing new, it certainly has gotten out of hand recently, with the biggest players in the war including Google, Samsung, Apple, Microsoft and Motorola.

The latest development sees a ban on all Motorola Android devices in Germany, under the basis that these phones violate a patent that has to do with FAT storage. Considering how old the FAT standard is, it is very surprising that this actually managed to pass through. Apparently the patent, EP0618540, has to do with common name space for long and short file names. More than likely the next step here will either be a licensing negotiation for the technology or a flat-out change in the way the phones use storage and file formats.

In order to actually enforce an injunction and get the ban to go through Microsoft will have to put up a massive bond of 10 million Euro. For a company like Microsoft though, that’s pretty much chump change, but we’ll wait and see what happens next in this Microsoft and Motorola legal battle.

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