Rumors Claim Microsoft Surface Tablet Could Sell for $1000+

Rumors Claim Microsoft Surface Tablet Could Sell for $1000+


When Microsoft first announced its Surface tablet, it did quite a few things right such as getting the public excited about MS hardware and creating a device that was sleek, sexy and somewhat Apple-esque. Unfortunately, MS also did a few things wrong such as not talking about specifics at all– no specific launch target, no pricing specifics, not even battery life details. The biggest failing here has to do with the fact that no pricing means that we have to just speculate, and that can lead to some pretty negative rumors.

Microsoft did tell us that the RT version (ARM) of Surface would be price competitive with similar ARM-based tablets and the Pro line should fall in with Ultrabook pricing, so at least we have a vague price tag in mind. Despite all of this, a Swedish website has posted the Surface and all four of its variants at prices that translate roughly to $1,001 and up. As you can imagine, there has been a lot of negative reaction to this rumored price point.

Honestly it seems highly unlikely that this pricing is correct, and is probably just a guestimation by the Swedish site. Regardless of the legitimacy of the claim, the issue is that not clarifying the price leads consumers to take wild guesses. It’s time to give us a few more details sooner rather than later. Many people are holding off on tablet purchases to see what the Surface might have to offer, but if pricing and launch rumors scare everyone off first, it could really hurt Microsoft’s initial sales of their Windows 8 tablet hardware.

What do you think, any chance that the ARM only model will really start at $1000?