‘Glass Explorers’ Begin Their Exciting Journey Into The World Of Project Glass

‘Glass Explorers’ Begin Their Exciting Journey Into The World Of Project Glass


The idea of Google’s Project Glass might seem a little familiar to any fan of a good Sci-Fi book, movie or video game- augmented reality glasses that help make life a little easier through real-time information and updates as you look at items, the ability to take pictures automatically or on the fly, and other computerized uses that are unique to wearable devices like these. While Project Glass might not be as powerful or capable as the HUD system found in Iron Man’s mask, the large presence of people interested in pre-ordering Project Glass shows that there is a demand for such a device in today’s world.

Many of those in attendance at Google’s I/O event promised to shell out $1500 to pre-order the glasses, which include goodies like a special commemorative block of etched glass from Google for pre-ordering. It seems that company co-founder Sergey Brin has checked in with those at the event that showed true interest in being some of the first to get their hands on the wearable glasses and shared exclusive update information including a photo he took while driving through Montana with the use of a special mode on the glasses that automatically takes a picture in 10 second intervals without any user intervention needed.

It will still be a while longer until Project Glasses becomes something that each of us have easy access to, but there is no denying any longer that the age of wearable computers is just around the corner. How long before wearable computing systems in clothing, glasses and even contacts become as common as a cellular phone, smartphone or even the computer today?

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