Safari For Windows Seemingly Vanishes

Safari For Windows Seemingly Vanishes


When it comes to Internet browsers, Safari certainly doesn’t lead the pack in the Windows world, but it still has its place among users of Macs that have Windows through BootCamp or those who truly enjoy a solid browser with a Mac aesthetic to it. The truth is that Google Chrome has quickly eaten into the crowd that once was downloading Safari for their Windows PCs, being that both browsers are based onWebKit technology, so it’s not that surprising that Apple has seemingly moved away from fully supporting Safari on Windows.

Apple recently introduced its latest Safari 6.0 update for OS X Lion and Mountain Lion, but the page makes no mention of a 6.0 update for the Windows platform. While Apple hasn’t made any official announcement discontinuing Windows support, all references on the site to a Windows version seem to have been removed, including the download link to the previous page for Safari 5.1.7 for Windows. Adding to the mysterious fate of Safari for Windows is the fact that Nightly WebKit builds and a direct link to Safari 5.1.7 still exist for Windows if you know where to find them, Apple just isn’t directly advertising or pushing it, or so it seems.

More than likely Apple will continue to offer its older versions of Safari, but at least for now, only OSX users will be able to get their hands on version 6.0.

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