Radian: Time Lapse Motion Control On A Budget

Radian: Time Lapse Motion Control On A Budget


When it comes to movie magic, there are certain techniques reserved almost completely for massively-funded projects, making it rare to see them in use outside of places like Hollywood. One of these expensive yet amazing techniques is the use of motion-controlled time-lapse cinematography, which involves taking a motion picture camera that can shoot time-lapse footage and mounting it onto a special device that can pan, tilt and dolly the camera as it shoots footage.
Motion-controlled time-lapse filming could soon be moving into the affordable movie making world thanks to the Radian, a special device being developed by California-based Alpine Labs. This cheese-wheel looking mount is designed to allow DSLRs or even smartphones to tilt and pan in a manner that is very similar to the more expensive motion-controlled techniques but at a price that is only around $150.

Whether you are using a DSLR for the video recording or your smartphone, an Android or iOS device is needed in order to calculate perimeters like the pan and tilt, the span, start and stop times, duration and other information. After everything about the movement is calculated you can detach your phone and place the phone or DSLR on the mount for recording.

For now, Alpine’s Radian is raising funds on Kickstarter in order to get off the ground, and for a limited time up to 150 backers can get their hands on these unique mount device for just $125, after that it can be secured for just $150, as mentioned above. Footage showing the Radian in action can be seen below.

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