iGills Takes The iPhone Deep Down Under

iGills Takes The iPhone Deep Down Under


When it comes to waterproof cases for the iPhone, there are certainly many different options on the market, so what sets the iGills SE-35 apart from the crowd? Beyond its primary function of keeping your precious iPhone from becoming water-logged and ruined, the iGills has plenty of unique functionality such as its ability to take your ordinary iPhone and infuse it with the power of a dive computer.

From taking pictures under the water with your phone to using it as an underwater torch, your iPhone won’t just be safe while swimming or scuba diving, it will actually be useful as well. The only thing you can’t do underwater with your iPhone is making calls or using data, but that’s not really surprising. How far down can the case go without taking on damage or major degradation? According to iGills, about 130 feet (or 40 meters).

The case itself is made of polycarbonate and is designed to work with iPhone 3GS and upwards, though we obviously have no clue whether the upcoming iPhone 5 will support it or not. The SE-35 has a lot of power and features, but it does come with a catch- it’s not cheap at $329.99. The iGills SE-35 is listed on its site as “Coming Very Soon”, and you can learn more directly from their website.