New Pore-Like Material May Someday Kill Tumors And Cure Diseases

New Pore-Like Material May Someday Kill Tumors And Cure Diseases


When it comes to curing cancer and other diseases, what if it could be as simple as creating a synthetic pore material that can purify your body, killing tumors and more by regulating the substances inside cells? Another Sci-Fi sounding concept that is coming to life, Scientists have made used Advanced Photon Source at Argonne National Laboratory to create these pores, gluing rigid macrocycles on top of each other using hydrogen bonding- the end result is the creation of this nano-sized miracle material.

This unique pore material is now capable of passing potassium ions and water, but not other ions like sodium and lithium. Essentially the fabric could work as a filter in the body and remove unwanted components, thus helping cure and prevent disease. Dr. Bing Gong, a chemistry professor at University of Buffalo, says that the project is inspired by the real biological world and their hope is to be able mimic some of these ideas to create this amazing material. The key is figuring out a way to fine tune the material to detect different substances, something they’ve yet to fully do, but the creation of these cell-size pores is certainly a good start. While I won’t pretend to fully understand any of the Science behind this material’s creation, if they prove successful in properly creating it, the implications could be massive to say the least.

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