WikiWeb App Makes Losing Hours Of Your Time On Wikipedia Even Easier

WikiWeb App Makes Losing Hours Of Your Time On Wikipedia Even Easier


Even though most educational institutes won’t allow it to be cited as an official source, most of us use Wikipedia quite often for all sorts of research and information. If you are anything like me though, Wikipedia is a great place to just randomly browse around and let your curiosity go wild, even if all of a sudden you realize two hours have just passed you buy.

On the mobile front, you have several ways to access this huge online encyclopedia, including your browser or the official iOS or Android app. If you own an iOS device though, you also have a brand new way to do it, through the $4.99 WikiWeb app. Right now you can get your hands on the official Wikipedia app for free, so why spend your cash to do the same thing? The biggest difference from the official app, is that WikiWeb lets you create a web of related entries that can make browsing, and time-wasting, even more intuitive than before. Searching for one topic creates an icon that you can tap to find other articles that are linked within the original entry and tapping more creates an ever-expanded web of related entries and topics. You can even share these webs via Twitter or email.

This is a really cool looking app, though $4.99 still seems a little steep. The good news about the WikiWeb app is that half the proceeds go to the Wikimedia Foundation, so even if you are spending a pretty good sized chunk of change, you can rest assured that half of it is going towards supporting Wikipedia and other Wikimedia efforts.

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