Yellow Jacket Case Brings A Stun-Gun Attachment To The iPhone

Yellow Jacket Case Brings A Stun-Gun Attachment To The iPhone


Think your iPhone provides great security features? Sure, the protection from viruses and other threats is there, but what about personal protection from physical harm? The Yellow Jacket iPhone case takes your iPhone security to a new level by giving you a handy stun gun attachment. The Yellow Jacket was created by former-Military Police officer Seth Froom after an armed robber broke into his home and took many electronic devices, including his cell phone.

With this unique $125 case for iPhone 4 and 4S you have an extra layer of protection against very real violent threats. The case includes a 650k volt stun gun and has its own external battery that can even extend the iPhone’s overall life by twenty hours. According to its creator, the Yellow Jacket has more than enough power to take down a fully grown adult male but also has a safety switch and rotating electrode cap to prevent you from accidentally shocking yourself while making calls or using your favorite apps.

This isn’t the first product like this, with products like SmartGuard which offer pepper spray options, but it is the first stun-gun attachment made for your iPhone and is nothing short of a genius idea. The Yellow Jacket is still currently in development but is raising funds through Indiegogo. At the moment they’ve raised $15,000 out of their $100,000 goal with sixteen days left, so if you like the idea of the Yellow Jacket, it’s not a bad idea to head to their fund-raising page and give your support.

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