Red5 Spy Hawk Lets You Record And Watch Video Feeds From The...

Red5 Spy Hawk Lets You Record And Watch Video Feeds From The Air Via Remote Control


Imagine flying around the skies collecting juicy information from all your friends or neighbors. Sure, you might get the cops called on you, but the fun would be worth it right? If you are saying yes, that’s a little creepy, still you might certainly want to check out the very unique Red5 spy plane if that’s the case. This spy hawk control plane comes with a 5MP camera attached to its noise and beams everything back to a 3.5-inch screen on the plane’s remote controller, allowing you to see everything your plane sees, for better or worse. Beyond invading the privacy of people around you, the Red5 is also really appealing if you want to get an aerial view and actually feel like your in the cockpit, thanks to the unique view and perspective it gives you.

The plane works within a 600-feet radius and includes 4GB of SD card storage for recording the pictures and footage you take with your plane. Other features on this Spy Hawk include a stabilization system that makes it easier to fly, an autopilot switch which keeps the plane at the correct altitude, and a 7.4v lith-ion polymer battery that allows the plane to stay in the air for about thirty minutes. If the Spy Hawk does manage to crash it has a tough outer body due to its EPO crash resistant foam. The Spy Hawk costs just $380 and also link together with another plane and follow it while recording.

A video test flight of the plane can be seen below.

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