CM9 Port Comes To The Nexus Q

CM9 Port Comes To The Nexus Q


When Nexus Q was first announced, there were several different sentiments about the unique looking device. The Q was oddly shaped and seemed rather limited when it came to built-in features considering its hefty price tag; on top of that, other devices seemed to do the job just (or at least almost) as good as the Q, but at a lower price.

One useful thing about the Nexus Q though is its inclusion of a USB port, which gives it a bit of extra flexiblity when it comes to hacks. Many in the developer community have had interesting ideas for the Q, but Jason Parker is the first to port a full version of Android to the Nexus Q, using the CyanogenMod 9 Tuna/Maguro build as the base for the job. Right now the port isn’t 100% functional, but WIFI and Bluetooth work just fine at least. For an early build, it’s rather stable but issues with things like sound prevent it from being truly useful in its correct form.

You can rest assured that if Nexus Q already has an early some-what stable build of Android running on it, its only a matter of time until the Q has the full unlocked potential of Android under its belt. While the Q is meant as a sharing device, the power of Android could open it up as much more capable media solution for the living room. Not only could this mean using the Q as a full media device with programs like XBMC for Android, but it means that the Nexus Q could become a great casual gaming device and general living room app system as well.

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