Microsoft Gettin’ Cocky: Scoffs at Post PC Era, We’re In PC+ Era

Microsoft Gettin’ Cocky: Scoffs at Post PC Era, We’re In PC+ Era


In 2010, Steve Jobs famously said that the “post PC era has begun.” Kevin Turner, Microsoft Chief Operating Officer, utterly disagrees and he voiced these exact sentiments at the Microsoft Worldwide Partner Conference.

The Apple viewpoint, which has been continued by Tim Cook, is that the “tablet and the PC are different.” Turner’s viewpoint, on the other hand, is that “we think that’s completely incorrect.” We’ve seen the iPad and iPhone develop completely separately from the MacBook and iMac, but you can see what Microsoft is doing with its operating platforms. The Microsoft Surface is a great example of this, but it hasn’t even been released yet. It’s a tablet, but slap on that keyboard and suddenly you’ve got an almost “traditional” Windows 8 PC experience.

That’s why Turner is saying that it’s not a “post PC” era, but rather that it’s a “PC+” era. You take the PC and you add a little more to it; you meld the worlds of the PC and the tablet. “We believe with a single push of a button you can move seamlessly in and out of both worlds,” said Turner. “We believe you can have touch, a pen, a mouse, and a keyboard.”

More than a decade ago, Bill Gates told us that the PC will not die. While smartphones and tablets have certainly changed the way that we interact with the world, desktops and laptops are still very much a part of our everyday lives. With Windows 8 and the greater push for the Metro UI, Microsoft intends on continuing that, but adding a little more; It’s PC+.

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