Is This The Real iPhone 5?

Is This The Real iPhone 5?


It’s been a long time since the release of a new generation iPhone. Sure, we had the iPhone 4S, but people have been waiting for a true successor to the iPhone 4 for a very long time. This is probably why iPhone 5 rumors and supposed ‘leaks’ have become a dime a dozen, of late. This newest ‘leak’ comes courtesy of, who claim to have landed their hands on an actual test unit of the device.

This instantly begs the question, how would a little site like that end up with a test unit of something that Apple undoubtedly keeps under strict lock and key? While this “test unit” is more than likely nothing more than a Photoshopped image, it still has to be said that this looks a lot like what we have heard and want from a new iPhone.

This iPhone image shows a device with a larger screen and a 19-pin mini connector, two things we’ve been promised in rumors recently. Regardless of whether its real or not, it’s still nice to see a side-by-side of what a larger iPhone looks like next to the iPhone 4S.

Interestingly enough, KitGuru has since pulled the post about the iPhone 5. There are a few possible reasons why they would do this:

  1. Apple got involved and demanded they pulled it.
  2. KitGuru knew that posting it and then pulling it would perhaps give their rumored leak more credibility and bring more attention to their site.

More than likely, it’s the second reason that will prove true, and that this thing is 100% fake, simply a way of getting cheap and easy publicity to their site. Even if this isn’t the ‘real’ iPhone 5 after all, I personally do hope that whatever Apple does reveal in coming months does make good on rumors of a larger screen, at the very least.

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