New iPad Mini Engineering Sample Photos Leaked?

New iPad Mini Engineering Sample Photos Leaked?


According to rumors, the above picture (and all of the following) are engineer samples that give us a look at the size and dimensions of the rumored iPad Mini. Of course this just looks like an ordinary piece of tablet-shaped plastic and could easily turn out to be a total fake.

Supposedly these photos come from a trusted inside source from the Apple supply chain, the same folks who earlier provided exclusive iPhone 5 engineering samples as well. Based on this piece of plastic we can ascertain that, if this is the real deal, the Mini will be a little thinner than the current full-sized iPad, and only two-thirds the size. The Mini also seems to have a smaller 19-pin dock connector, the same smaller sized one that has been rumored to be coming to the iPhone 5.

This engineering sample also shows tow speakers on either side of the connector, while current iPads just have one speaker. The images don’t show the exact dimensions of this Mini, but it is estimated that it is probably around 213.36mm tall and about 143.67mm wide. If these dimensions are accurate, the Mini is slightly wider than the Nexus 7, meaning it could be a little taller than its Google competitor.

While the sample doesn’t clearly tell us things like display size, rumors currently suggest that the Mini will be a 7.85-inch display. Other rumored specs that have been floating around about the iPad Mini include a 1024×768 resolution, a $299 price point and an October release date, alongside the iPhone 5. If the price and features prove correct, Android and Windows 8 is in for some pretty big challenges later this year. While Android and Windows 8 might possibly offer more features in a similarly priced model, its pretty hard to turn down the idea of owning a brand-new iPad for $299, even if it is a smaller-screened version.

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