A Mouse With No Buttons?

A Mouse With No Buttons?


I used to hate that Macs didn’t support 2-button mice, and so I always favored PCs because they had the traditional 2 button (or more) style. One click, that’s really an annoying limitation, right? Imagine if a PC mouse had no buttons though. The reality is that such a mouse exists, called the “Stealth Touch Mouse”. This thing is completely buttonless, but instead of being a limitation, it’s a feature. This wireless 2.4GHz mouse uses all touch technology, meaning no scroll wheel, buttons or anything. Simple gestures like swipes, taps and slides control all the programmable features that this mouse can perform.

The Stealth Touch Mouse can also work at an impressive range of 33 feet. While it’s really cool looking, as a PC gamer, I’m not sure how I’d feel about a mouse that is completely without anything to click. Still, if you need something with long-range and an interesting amount of features that require no physical buttons, its hard to find anything else that compares. Because of its unique design and long range, this mouse also works great for presentations, and at $69 it’s not a bad deal.

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