Unique Candy Bar Shaped Concept Phone

Unique Candy Bar Shaped Concept Phone


Want a phone with a bunch of buttons, a small screen and a shape that looks like a candy bar? If you are in the market for such a device than concept designer Imran Sheikh has something that will be right up your alley, the “Easy Phone”. According to Imran, the idea of the phone is to provide a simple, easy to use device for business professionals that just need a PHONE and nothing more, no fancy features, just a reliable, easy to use device.

The specifications for the phone include a 200×400 resolution multi-touch screen (yes, really), a 800MHz Cortex-A9 processor, 512MB of RAM, MicroSD, WIFI, Bluetooth, and has Android ICS. While its a cool looking device, it’s specs are nothing special and I can’t help but feel that it wouldn’t be that comfortable in your hands. Most business professionals want Quad Core processing, several gigs of RAM and a nice, large screen- so I’m not sure what market this thing would truly target. If you threw out the specs and put in real power like a Quad Core Processor, would such a device work? I have a feeling that the screen is just too tiny (and low-res) for any real usability… but perhaps. As the specs stand though? I suppose it could be great for those in the budget sector.

What do you think of this unique candy-bar shaped concept device?

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