SYRE iPod Nano Watch Adds Bluetooth Connectivity (Video)

SYRE iPod Nano Watch Adds Bluetooth Connectivity (Video)


Using your iPod nano as a watch is pretty cool, but you still have to run the cable from your headphones when you want music. That’s cumbersome and ugly. Some people have attached Bluetooth adapters to the dock connector, but that totally ruins the look too. Lion Hound Technology is changing all of that with the world’s first Bluetooth-enabled iPod nano watch case.

The idea is actually quite simple. It’s a watch band for your iPod nano, but there is an integrated Bluetooth adapter. This is a seamless design, so you don’t get an ugly adapter jutting out from the bottom. The band and case are molded from a flexible silicone polymer, featuring ample venting to provide airflow to your wrist. Simply pair up the Bluetooth headphones of your choice and you can have a cable-free music experience when you go for your run or hit up the gym. Leave the wired headphones at home.

With 25 days to go, the Kickstarter project has already reached its funding goal. You can expect to see the SYRE ship in six different colors when it becomes available in 4 to 6 months. Pledge at least $50 to secure one of the first units. Full retail will be $79.95.