Polaroid’s Z2300 Offers A P&S With A Built-In Printer

Polaroid’s Z2300 Offers A P&S With A Built-In Printer


Polaroids have long had a very historic place in the world of photography, though many will agree that their golden age has long since passed and they’ve become just another brand. Polaroid might not be the king of the hill anymore, but it is far from gone, thanks to the need for social sharing of photos and the popularity of programs such as Instagram.

With this in mind, the new Polaroid Z2300 Instant has a lot of the appeal of the old-school Instant Polaroids of the analog age with its built-in printer, but unlike its ancestors, this little guy isn’t nearly as bulky and is fully digital. The Z2300 includes a built-in ZINK printer and offers a 10-MP sensor, 3-inch LCD, SD storage, built-in editing tools and a reasonable starting price at just $160. The new Polaroid hits stores on August 15th. While it might not bring back the full-comeback of Polaroid, I admit that such a camera is very intriguing, especially at a sub-$200 price point. On the other hand, you can get many decent digital P&S with 10MP sensors for the $100-$120 range, so the bottom line is that the Polaroid is really only worth it if you think you’ll truly make regular use out of its ZINK printer.

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