Keymonk Android Keyboard Offers Two-Handed Swype-Like Experience

Keymonk Android Keyboard Offers Two-Handed Swype-Like Experience


When it comes to after-market keyboard replacement apps, there are quite a few out there but, for the most part, the only one that really has made any major headway seems to be Swype. To be honest, I’d not a huge fan of Swype and prefer the default keyboard, but for many people it’s a wonderful choice with just one major flaw- it’s made for one-handed input, and some users would rather have a keyboard that works great with both hands.

This is exactly why Keymonk was introduced, essentially a Swype-like keyboard that is modified to work well with two-handed input. The app is polished and seems to work well enough from the videos, and could be perfect for those that want a two-handed Swype experience. That being said, I have a strong feeling that this would be a “learning curve” when it comes to getting used to such a keyboard. Once the learning period is over though? This could be a pretty interesting choice.

To get a better look at it, check out the video below.

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