New AT&T Service Designed To Block Stolen Phones From Being Used

New AT&T Service Designed To Block Stolen Phones From Being Used


The war on cellphone theft hasn’t really seen many positive victories, but AT&T is set to help change all that for the better. A new service is being prepared by AT&T that will allow customers to sign up their lost or stolen devices to a new block list. This list will deny voice, data, and SMS to any tablet or phone. Basically it would make the phone or tablet completely disabled, even if a SIM card was switched out.

Mobile devices account for about 40% of all robberies in major cities and regions around the world, particularly expensive premium devices such as the iPhone or iPad. More than likely this new initiative probably has something to do with the earlier plans associated with the FCC to create a new national database of stolen devices throughout all major US carriers.

Will this stop thieves in their tracks for good? Yes and no, for one thing, a smart thief will likely be able to exploit other techniques such as changing the IMEI number so that a new SIM card will work with the phone. GSM is very hard to block for good, though carriers like Verizon probably would have a much easier time with it.

The good thing though is that it will at least stop a user from getting huge charges on their cell phones simply because they were stolen. Another problem worth thinking about is will average quick-handed folks KNOW that the new block exists? Just because the block exists, doesn’t mean that phone theft will magically go away, though in the long-term it could eventually make an impact.

What do you think of the new initiative?

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