Stiffer Cardsharp 2 Credit Card Knife Features Child Safety Lock


    A couple of years ago, we were introduced to the Cardsharp from Iain Sinclair. It was a pretty interesting idea at the time–a credit card that transforms into a knife–but now Sinclair has introduced Cardsharp version 2.0 with a stiffer polypropylene build. No one wants a flimsy knife.

    Another very notable feature on the newer Cardsharp is a childproof safety lock. This way, the little ones don’t accidentally cut themselves and you don’t accidentally unfold the knife in your jeans pocket. The cutting surface is 2.5-inches of stainless steel and you can swing it out with just three folds. Even though the material is stiffer than its predecessor, Cardsharp 2 is still quite light at just 13 grams. That’s 1/10 the weight fo a Stanley utility knife.

    No, you don’t get as much of the multifunctionality of a typical Leatherman utility knife, but this is a lot more portable and slick. As before, the retail price for the new Cardsharp is $25 with the option for custom silk screen printing or laser engraving. Just don’t try to sneak it into your carry-on bags at the airport.