New Flat BoomBox Concept Introduced

New Flat BoomBox Concept Introduced


Imagine a unique speaker system that was ultra-thin, as little as .5mm thick, this is exactly what industrial design student Hannes Harms was going for when he created this interesting concept device for a flat speaker system. Using flat materials, printable components, and buttons that are integrated into the speaker stand, this thing looks super-futuristic and very minimalistic, all in one package.

According to Harms, the Flat Boombox concept was started when he got involved with researching the lifecycle of consumer electronics. With most products being purchased and replaced rather quickly, he wanted something small and 100% recycleable. For now, this remains just a concept, but Harms is actively in talks with actual manufacturers to take the design level to the next stage- actual development. In the meantime, he is continuing to look into what would be needed to further develop his speaker design and hopes that one day he may be able to show off the Flat Boombox as something more than just a concept.

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