ViewMaster Lives Again with Sanwa Stereoscopic 3D Viewer

ViewMaster Lives Again with Sanwa Stereoscopic 3D Viewer


Do you remember the old ViewMaster? Where you’d have a series of still photos and you pull that lever on the side to advance to the next picture? The Sanwa Stereoscopic YouTube viewer is eeriely reminiscent of the old ViewMaster, except this one is designed to work with your iPhone to provide you with a 3D viewing experience on the go.

Yes, there are already 3D-capable smartphones out there like the LG Optimus 3D, but this is a fun little gadget that can transform your iPhone into a personal big-screen 3D TV. It’s designed to work with the stereoscopic 3D videos on YouTube, but it could presumably work with any 3D image that is displayed in side-by-side form as shown here.

I know Sanwa for for arcade stick parts, but I guess they venture into other areas too. The bad news is that the Sanwa Stereoscopic is only available for iPhone users in Japan at the moment, but that doesn’t mean you can’t try importing it.