Case Of Base Turns Vintage Suitcases Into Unique Portable Boomboxes

Case Of Base Turns Vintage Suitcases Into Unique Portable Boomboxes


In today’s recycling conscientious world we’ve seen many creative ways that companies “up-cycle”, taking old items and turning them into whole new objects. Brothers Ezra and Alex Cimino-Hurt take the concept of up-cycling to a new level by turning old, vintage suitcases into stylish retro boomboxes.

The Case of Bass Boomboxes come in multiple looks and configurations, with some being ready to ship and others being designed as custom models with special configurations that tailor to the customer’s wants and needs, such as wattage, amps, and other considerations. While using an old suitcase is a great way to up-cycle, it doesn’t end there. Many of the components in these unique boomboxes are old-school vintage electronics as well, although they do sometimes use new components as substitutes when suitable vintage parts can’t be found. One area where modern technology is used though is in the battery department, since these retro boomboxes make use of modern Li-ion battery systems.

The sizes and stereo specifications vary in each of the models offered by Case Of Bass, which results in varying weights of as little as 10 pounds or as much as 20. The prices for these unique cases start at $275 and can be bought directly through Case of Bass or through a small number of retailers that have partnered with the unique brand. While the Cimino-Hurt Brothers aren’t the first to do something like this, they certainly have managed to create some pretty unique looking boomboxes as a result.

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