Amplify Your iPhone Speaker With a Foldable Paper Cone (Video)

Amplify Your iPhone Speaker With a Foldable Paper Cone (Video)


This is either one of the stupidest ideas on the planet or one of the smartest. It’s called the eco-amp and it’s an iPhone speaker amplifier that is basically a cardboard cone. It has been made from 100 percent recycled paper and it cups over the speaker on your iPhone.

It arrives in a flat envelope, so you’ll need to do a little origami work to fold it into shape. But seriously, it’s just a piece of presumably slightly thicker paper that’s been folded in the shape of a cone, so you could probably just do the same thing by cutting up an old shoebox. That beats spending $7.99 plus shipping for a twin pack of the eco-amp.

After all, despite the name, there is no actual amp here. It’s more like the horn from an old phonograph. We’ve all rolled up a paper cone to use like a makeshift megaphone and this works in basically teh same way. Creating company eco-made of Los Angeles claims that you’ll increase the volume on your iPhone speaker to 30dB.