Working On The Road With The CUBIE Concept Car

Working On The Road With The CUBIE Concept Car


Sick of wasting your time on the way to work, when you could be getting stuff done now, and maybe even be able to end your work day sooner? Why not drive around in a mobile cubicle then? Interestingly enough, this is basically what the concept idea, CUBIE car, is like. This unique looking vehicle is designed to be used as a shared transportation unite that is great for multi-tasking and working. It’s concept designer describes it as a a low-paced moving public or private space in the street and is ideal for those looking for an on-road lifestyle.

While the concept looks cool, I’m curious about who would actually use it. Would a company pay a driver to pick up a few works and these workers could hold meeting and do business on their way to the office? Would one of these workers have to “sit out” from working because they are driving the vehicle. Where would the vehicle be stored?

Honestly, while this is a unique idea and a good way to try and get more down on the road, I’m not sure how appealing this would be to the North American market, though I can’t speak for the rest of the world. Could you actually see this thing on the road? Maybe just for special, occasional business use I could see it, but as an everyday transport? Anyhow, you have to give props to the creator for designing a very cool looking concept device, even if I’m not sure how practical it would really be.

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