Rumor: Could iPhone 5 Have NFC Technology?

Rumor: Could iPhone 5 Have NFC Technology?


Rumors continue to pop up now and then about the upcoming iPhone, even though its more than likely at this point that such a device isn’t coming until later this year, probably around October. One such new rumor has to do with with near field communication (NFC). Recently, we’ve seen NFC continue to evolve as a payment system, a tagging and stickering system, and it seems that even Windows Phone 8 devices will make use of NFC in meaningful and new ways. With that in mind, the idea of NFC technology coming to the iPhone 5 seems like a reasonable idea.

Apple has already demonstrated their Passbook application, which will be part of iOS 6, and so adding NFC to that program might make a lot of sense. Many times Apple has waited for others to adopt certain technologies before they move in and perfect it, or add new and useful enhancements to it. Apple wasn’t the first to make a touch-screen smartphone, but they certainly changed up the expectations for these type of devices and perhaps a similar revolution could be in store for NFC.

Having the ability to use Passbook and also pay through products using the iPhone could be big, and could certainly see NFC become more and more ‘useful’ than it is in its current state. What do you think? Could the iPhone 5 possibly feature NFC?

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