Ride the STAIR ROVER Skateboard Down a Flight of Stairs

Ride the STAIR ROVER Skateboard Down a Flight of Stairs


Kick. Push. Kick. Push. So, you’re riding your skateboard around town when the inevitable happens: you encounter a flight of stairs. You have one of two options. You can get off your skateboard, pick it up and walk down the stairs or you can try riding the rail to get all the way down. Or, there’s a third option when you see those stairs: you could simply ride down them on the innovative STAIR ROVER skateboard.

Instead of having the standard set of four wheels–two in the front and two in the back–like a regular skateboard, the STAIR ROVER has a total of eight wheels (earlier designs had as many as 12). The idea is that the pairs of wheels on either side can teeter-totter their way down the flight of stairs while the flexible deck keeps you reasonably balanced and in control.

The STAIR ROVER is the creation of London designer Po-Chih Lai. The current version is the eighth iteration and it seems to be the best one yet. Yes, it’s going to take some practice, but this means that you don’t have to get off your board to get down those stairs… going up a flight of stairs, however, is a different matter altogether.