Shaka Device Turns Your iPhone Into A Wind Detector

Shaka Device Turns Your iPhone Into A Wind Detector


Looking for the perfect wave as a surfer? Shaka’s unique wind meter is the best tool for the job, featuring the ability to use your 3.5mm jack to plug in and detect wind direction and speed. The little adapter isn’t very big, as you can see from the picture, and works in conjunction with a special app to deliver information about the wind as it is detected.

The bad news? If you have a WP or Android device you are left out in the cold since Shaka’s app and wind detecter will only work with iOS. The good news is that the new startup Shaka promises they are working on WP and Android version in the near future. The Shaka Wind Detector and app will set you back $59. At that price it might not be for everyone, but it could be very useful for those who need to know if the wind is picking up for sports and recreation such as surfing, sailing and similar activities. Right now the company is small, and thus they need a higher price in order to make back their own investments and grow as a company, but if the idea picks up and gets the right investing backers the price could certainly become more affordable with time. Overall, an interesting idea, even if the detector looks a little awkward and at least slightly bulky.

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