SciFi-Esque “SeaOrbiter” To Begin Construction In October

SciFi-Esque “SeaOrbiter” To Begin Construction In October


Looking at the above photo the SeaOrbiter certainly looks like something out of a popular SciFi book or movie, but the reality is that this concept design may begin construction as early as October of this year. The idea was conceived by French architect Jacques Rougerie nearly twelve years ago, but with recent breakthroughs in technology it seems that the project is now finally preparing for real construction.

If construction goes off without a hitch, it could take as little as a year to complete the SeaOrbiter. This unique vessel could become the world’s first vertical ship to measure a massive 170 feet in height. In order to accomplish this huge feat, about 50% of the ship will be underwater to better maintain balance. The project is said to cost $52.7 million and is designed around the idea that it would permanently host ocean researchers to study marine life. The vessel would rotate out eighteen researchers and would give marine biologists an up-close and personal look at marine life under the water, with its lower chamber going down about 102 feet.

This ship looks nothing short of amazing and if they go forward and finish this project it will certainly have a major impact on the study of life under the water going forward.

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