SpyBike Lets You Secretly GPS Track Your Stolen Bicycle

SpyBike Lets You Secretly GPS Track Your Stolen Bicycle


It’s never fun when something of yours gets stolen. While cars can have systems like OnStar, your bicycle can now take advantage of something called SpyBike. The secret GPS tracking device is cleverly disguised as a headset cap, hiding on your bike so the thief doesn’t know to remove it.

When you’ve parked your stolen bike somewhere (and you’ve presumably locked it up some way too), you activate the SpyBike with a special keyring. If during this time the SpyBike detects that it’s on the move, you’ll get a text message on your phone. Meanwhile, the SpyBike also goes to work by GPS tracking its whereabouts, which you can then view through the free website. The battery can last “for months between charges so long as you remember to disarm the tracker before riding your bike.”

The SpyBike won’t help you if the bike recovery turns to violence, but at least it can tell you where you can find the bike. While there is no monthly charge for the actual GPS tracking service, the SpyBike does require you to install an active SIM card so that it can send you those text messages. This also serves the secondary function of using aGPS via GSM where the primary GPS is less effective. The SpyBike product itself is £97.50, or about $152 US.