Inside the Minds Behind AppStori Crowdfunding Community

Inside the Minds Behind AppStori Crowdfunding Community


Crowdsourcing and crowdfunding have become an incredibly popular way to get young startups off the ground, but what is it about AppStori that makes them different. I recently interviewed them to find out.

Arie Abecassis and Michael Semegran (pictured) are the brains behind the operation at AppStori. They say that one of the biggest differences with AppStori is that it’s about more than just the crowdfunding. They also help developers with beta testing and app discovery, as well as more help through the blogging and social media support. Even if you don’t reach your funding goal, you can continue to use these features through the AppStori platform.

And unlike Kickstarter, AppStori is much more focused. You won’t find smartwatches or robot drones; it’s completely focused on mobile apps, though they’re open to every mobile platform.

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